What would it take for your leadership team to ‘change the game’ for your market?

 As a team leader you can see the potential of your organisation but, as you try to drive it forward, do you keep finding obstacles to realising that potential? Moving forward can be slow and frustrating and it sometimes seems like you have to take the lead in solving every problem.

Many of the obstacles are inevitable side effects of life in large organisations. These can trap team leaders and their board team onto a relentless and uninspiring annual treadmill of incremental increases in targets – and slogging through organisational treacle to reach them. Even if you do well, nothing really changes, next year’s goals are set just a little higher and it doesn’t get any easier to reach them.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Do you want to break out of this pattern and make an enduring difference to your organisation and its market? What if you could do so in a way that made you excited about your work again, gave you confidence that you are in control of your destiny and took away the need to work every evening and weekend? What if you could work with an executive team specialist who could guide you and your leadership team to dramatically increase their performance and effectiveness?

In our recent research, we discovered that members of even high performing teams thought they could achieve 45% better results for the organisation if the executive leadership team could operate at full effectiveness. Under performing teams estimated this at a massive 90%. It showed that members of high performing teams got results more easily, had more enjoyment at work and were more personally successful.

If you’re reading this, you may be at an inflection point. Perhaps you have a new executive team, you changed team membership or you’re a new team leader. Maybe you are facing new challenges in your marketplace – or perhaps you’re just ready to aim for something bigger and more ambitious.

We are leadership team effectiveness experts. We help leaders and teams who want to reach for performance beyond what they know how to deliver– and to do so in a way that makes work more motivating, less frantic and more rewarding.

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