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One Third More is the specialist consultancy in developing leadership teams – we can help people like you because we are people like you

One Third More is the specialist consultancy in developing leadership teams – we can help people like you because we are people like you

Hi, my name is Chris Henderson. In my career I have been a member of a number of leadership teams.

Some leadership teams I worked in were miserable. Results were poor, hope for better performance was in short supply and everyone just kept their head down. We got on with our own jobs as best we could. Although we knew that we could do better, both individually and collectively, deep down we were all just marking time until the next job came along.

I also worked in some great leadership teams. Teams who defied conventional wisdom about what could be achieved in our markets. Teams who took delight in being unreasonable. In these teams, my colleagues and I were stretched beyond what we knew how to do and surprised ourselves with what we were capable of.

They weren’t easy teams to be part of but they were exciting and highly motivating. Our energy transmitted itself to the wider leadership and organisation and, extraordinary things happened.

I became fascinated in the peculiar and particular environment that is created when groups of leaders come together to run an organisation. I started to look for information about what differentiates such teams and how they can be created.

To my surprise, there is very little literature about this critical area of leadership. Both research and practice are dominated by individual leadership and teams in general. Leaders experience of development activities in leadership teams is, as a result, pretty awful.

I set up One Third More to fill these gaps and to become the specialist consultancy in developing leadership teams.

Our Team of Development Consultants

Our expert team of leadership development consultants have built on our years of experience in the field with dedicated research – with the aim of bringing organisations the huge uplifts in results that are available from creating high performing leadership teams.

I made one big mistake – the results available were actually bigger than even I had thought. I called the business One Third More because I thought that was a conservative estimate as to how much additional value can be achieved by developing a high performing leadership team.

When we began the research, leaders from a huge range of organisations told us that the improvement in results available averaged 90% for an underperforming team and 45% for a team already performing well. The results we have got from working with teams shows that these figures may be conservative.

What qualifies us to work with you

I started by assembling a team. It was clear to me that you need a special sort of consultant to deliver results in the demanding environment that it a leadership team.

Working with leadership teams is a specialist area that requires particular skills and experience. Our consultants have been selected to ensure that we have:-

  • Broad and deep experience of working in leadership teams ourselves in a range of large organisations. We know what it is like to do the jobs that our clients are faced with.
  • High end facilitation and team development expertise because working with senior teams requires a level of skills beyond other groups.
  • Experience of executive coaching of a wide range of senior leaders.
  • The intellect and robustness to be able to work at the same level as the talented and experienced clients who populate our client leadership teams.
  • Knowledge and experience of a wide range of strategy and business methodologies so that we can both work within your systems and/or bring new and complementary approaches.

Our team

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Our million pound challenge for Africa

OneThirdMore was founded with the explicit goal of providing financial and other support to people in the world with far greater needs than our own. Click here to read more.

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