Our £1m African challenge

One of the principal goals of OneThirdMore was to create funds for projects in the developing world.

Chris Henderson (holding the trowel under the watchful eye of the building supervisor Charlie and Maasai warriors Sipoi and Kwenya) has worked in Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia as well as funding a number of projects in Merrueshi, Kenya – a Maasai community – see the Maasai Association website set up by one of their leaders, Kakuta Hamisi.

Through the profits of OneThirdMore we aim to give a million pounds to projects and organisations in the developing world – as well as to promote visits and partnerships with local communities in order to:-

  • Relieve the hardships and suffering experienced by people much less fortunate than ourselves and who are already being badly affected by our activity in the form of unfair trade practices, distorted aid regimes and the effects of climate change.
  • Help communities with the resources and capabilities to take control of their own destinies so that they can create the future they want, in a rapidly changing world and without needing to give up entirely on the culture and ways of life that have served them well for generations.
  • Learn from the enormous wisdom in such communities. We know from experience that they have much to teach us about the human dimensions of leadership that all businesses are trying to develop in their leaders and leadership teams including:-
    • Working together
    • Resolving conflict
    • Getting things done through relationships
    • Creating and maintaining a distinctive culture
    • Engaging people
    • Getting more done with less
    • Mobilising people to achieve the seemingly impossible
    • Working with difference
    • Generating ownership, responsibility and motivation in others – even where morale and hope are low
  • Bring stories, pictures and experiences to enliven and illustrate the ideas that we help develop in our clients’ leaders and leadership teams.

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