No time, there’s just not enough time…


Over 6000 people now have a copy of JUMP!  It’s sobering, though, to know that many of you simply won’t have found the time to read it – and may not even have found the handy Executive Summary on Page 11.

If your Leadership Team isn’t working as well as it could, your time challenges will be even worse. Dysfunction and inefficiency in the team makes work and slows progress.

So what do you do if you need to improve your team but haven’t managed to read the book?


If that sounds familiar – this is just for you

We’ve put together a short video guide to all the key ideas in the book. It’s less than eight minutes long and it will give you a high-level summary, not only of the key theories but also of how you can get started with your own team.

Click on the image below to see the video (and don’t forget to turn on your sound).


More free resources

If you like the ideas in the visual guide there are lots of ways to get more free resources. Click on the links below to:-


Making changes in your team

In my Book, JUMP!, I set out in detail how you can build the case, generate support for and develop your Leadership Team.  I hope you can use these ideas yourself. If not, and you’d like help even if only to think through how you might do so, then please get in contact on 0845 519 7871 or by email .


Read more…

Please visit our website to read more about The Six Conversations Leadership Team programme or download our article, the Seven Illusions of Leadership, which shows what it looks like in practice — based around a real case study. Better still, give us a call on 0845 519 7871 to explore your issues further or to arrange a free Strategy Session.

Chris Henderson