Keynote Speaking

Inspire your conference with a new perspective on leadership

Your conference is a chance to spark change in each of the participants and their organisations. What you need from a speaker is:-


New insights, delivered in imaginative ways that provoke and stimulate different thinking and responses in your participants. Using an innovative animated graphic and a simple metaphor, Chris shows how leaders and HR professionals can build the case for and rapidly transform the effectiveness of Leadership Teams.


Positive, actionable ideas which generate renewed excitement about what is possible.
Drawing on his experience of working across many industries, Chris illuminates the concepts with stories of how they have transformed other teams and organisations.


A speaker who listens as well as talks, bringing the ideas and experiences of those in the room into the debate.
Chris uses examples from the delegates and by encouraging participation while he is speaking.


Simple and memorable messages that survive the transition back into the workplace – and supporting materials which enable this.
Every participant will receive a copy of JUMP! (RRP £25), which includes an executive summary, to help them remember and apply what they have heard.


Most of all, you want each person to take at least one significant action to implement what they have learned. Every delegate will leave committed to at least one change.