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Our clients get real and dramatic changes in business performance. Here is just one such case study.

Tales of transformation

 We have many years experience of delivering results for a wide range of clients. Each has required a different approach ranging from sustained engagements to one-off events.

We would be happy to provide references so that our clients can tell you personally about the results we have helped them achieve.

Case study

From turnaround to transformation

Our client was a large division working in the manufacturing sector of a global conglomerate.

In mid 2009, after years of making big losses, the new CEO of the overarching organisation gave the leadership team an ultimatum. They had to get to breakeven or the division would be closed. Against the odds, the team achieved the goal that all of their predecessors had failed to reach – getting to breakeven and saving the business.

They did this by cutting back the organisation to focus on profitable products, changing the emphasis and culture from ‘all volume is good volume’. A third of the workforce were cut but the team successfully engaged the unions and workforce in the transition.

By March 2010, after a pause for breath, the Managing Director realised that they needed to raise their sights to a new horizon. After all, making no profit at all was not a great place to be.

We ran a series of sessions over a period of months working on:-

  • The goals that they wanted to set for the division
  • Their styles and ways of working together
  • How they wanted to manage the business
  • How they would engage the rest of the leaders and organisation in that transition

Over the year that we have been working with them they have:-

  • Increased their actual profits to a run rate of £25m p.a. (against an expectation of £10m)
  • Raised their target profit after three years to £70m+ p.a. (from £25m)
  • The CEO has been promoted to help a similar transition in another division.
  • All five directors have been promoted – with the Operations Director being promoted to CEO.
  • Started on an innovative approach to engage the wider management team and organisation by using a graphical articulation of the strategy and transformational priorities used to reach the £70m goal.
  • Begun to develop a management development programme for the next tier of managers to equip them for the journey and strengthen the succession pipeline to the board.

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